Saturday, October 15, 2016

Third Time is a Charm

There is a danger in trying too many projects at once; you never follow through with any of them.

Last I posted I was publishing a series on the response of the CDF to Msgr. Lefebvre, and I also had never completed my translations of the different drafts of the circular groups at the Synod of the Family.

Well- I am not going to say that I will return to those. No intention right now to do so.  What I am going to do is offer a mix of posts- some commenting on the liturgical day, some on a theological argument, some translations of interesting texts. But not on any ordered plan. But I do have an ultimate goal in mind, and that is to present, to the best of my ability, a voice witnessing, not merely, as many others do, to a Catholic judgment of the present age, but to the depth of the perennial tradition of the Church- whether it be a deep theological issue, or a piece of obscure trivia. I am a Catholic first and foremost, but a convinced Thomist (or at least I aspire to be). We need as many voices, drawing from that well, to be heard. I hope that my voice adds something to those already present.

NB: Because of my unwillingness to constantly police the blog, comments have been disabled. I really wish I could do otherwise though!

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