Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Msgr. Lefebvre and the CDF- Certain Dubia Concerning Religious liberty

A while back I started translation an unsigned response the CDF gave to a series of dubia presented by Archbishop Marciel Lefebvre on religious liberty. I then left it off distracted by other things. As far as I am aware this has not been widely disseminated nor translated into English before. The text is divided into four main parts, the most important of which is the third.

  1. Presentation of the dubia of Msgr. Leferbve.
  2. Presentation of this Response to the "dubia" - an explanation of procedure and why they chose not to directly list and answer the dubia as is normally done
  3. Response to Fundamental Points - which is divided into four:
    1. Religious Liberty and the Dignity of Man
    2. Religious Liberty and the Unity of the True Religion
    3. Duties of the State to religion. The Church and State
    4. On the comparison of Quanta Cura and Dignitatis humanae.
  4. Conclusion
The text is in French, but makes frequent use of quotations both in Latin and Italian. They often quote from the same document, in one place the French translation, and in another place the Latin. As a rule I have tried to follow the Latin unless the French had some notable difference.

At this point I am merely presenting the text. In the near future, after editing, I will make available, either here or on another site, the full document, annotated and with commentary.

For now I will post sections of it at a time. The first shall be parts I, and II. The next four will be of part III and the conclusion.

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