Thursday, October 17, 2013

Return to Blogging

      I created this blog over a year ago, after having written on other blogs in the past. Then I thought, do I have the time to run a blog? But more importantly, am I saying anything that is worth sharing? Other people have blogs and cover much ground. What can I add? So I abandoned the blog and deleted the posts I had prepared.

     But I have decided to resurrect the idea. Not because I will necessarily add anything unique to what is out there, but because this will provide me an outlet to partake in my writing. If anything I write provides benefit to anyone else, so much the better. But I am not so arrogant as to aim for such a high goal in all my posts. Rather, I hope to foster feedback and discussion for my own benefit as much as anyone else.

    I have pondered what should be the main focus of this blog. My interests are varied and will likely not be found together in too many others. So, dear (prospective) readers I ask your patience if I one day post on some obscure theological text and the next day ramble on about some mundane hobby, as I figure out, through trial and error, what form this blog shall take.

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